Around the globe.... Literally

Around the globe.... Literally

domingo, 30 de mayo de 2010

Harbour Cruise and something more...

Friday we went to a Harbor Cruise and we saw the Opera House, the city and Darling Harbor from the sea. It was so nice and I discover how beautiful is Sydney as a city. It is so modern and the harbor is just spectacular. Afterward, we went to Cargo Bar where I finally drank my Malibu drink with Orange Juice (so good). I am starting to fall in love with this city, my favorite thing thus far is the laid back atmosphere. No one seems in a rush and everyone enjoys the moment. Aussies are really amazing too. They have helped us in anything we need. I am beginning to feel as laid back as an authentic Australian, my shoulders hadn't feel this relaxed since... well I cannot remember. :)

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  1. Wow! It is incredible... that looks as a very nice picture. And I´m glad that you are finally relax... keep enjoying the time there and bring some of that laid back, relaxing life style with you, as a habit! :), un besito!