Around the globe.... Literally

Around the globe.... Literally

lunes, 5 de julio de 2010

A sudden realization...

I was walking through the Royal Botanic Gardens the other day, and a sudden thought hit me. In the past two years I have visited, enjoyed and/or lived in five of the most beautiful cities in the world: Boston, London, Paris, Montreal and Sydney. Going through the pictures I realized that I have been all the way half-around the world, and well, I have 13 more destinations to get to in the upcoming six months. It is surprising and exciting, because these seems more like a dream than any reality. These cities are beautiful, complex and so different but still in each of them I have learn so much about human nature and about how no matter where you are we all share characteristics that are undeniable. I just wanted to share this extreme happiness of knowing how many opportunities I have had and how thankful I am for them :)

An awesome place...

Every time I get to a new city, there are certain things I automatically start looking for. I like to discover hidden spots, that provide me with a quiet, intellectual, inspirational moment, and off course two of these essential places are a library and a coffee shop. The coffee shop: Sappho Books, includes a bookstore and a beautiful backyard with walls covered by modern graffitis.It is warm and cozy, with great classic and rare books and great tea pots. I wrote part of my first creative story there, but it is becoming an addictive pastime to go there and see the hours pass by in such an amazing place.