Around the globe.... Literally

Around the globe.... Literally

lunes, 5 de julio de 2010

A sudden realization...

I was walking through the Royal Botanic Gardens the other day, and a sudden thought hit me. In the past two years I have visited, enjoyed and/or lived in five of the most beautiful cities in the world: Boston, London, Paris, Montreal and Sydney. Going through the pictures I realized that I have been all the way half-around the world, and well, I have 13 more destinations to get to in the upcoming six months. It is surprising and exciting, because these seems more like a dream than any reality. These cities are beautiful, complex and so different but still in each of them I have learn so much about human nature and about how no matter where you are we all share characteristics that are undeniable. I just wanted to share this extreme happiness of knowing how many opportunities I have had and how thankful I am for them :)

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  1. Oh my dear friend you dont know how jealous i am of this... but no of your trips.. im jealous because you are so brave in some many aspects... im so proud of you.. and now im feeling stuck in this city.. and having the feeling that maybe i will be with you in one of that cities experimenting new things.. i think that i need a change in my life radical... but know i read this post and its so great so see how much you are evolve in this months.. i know the firts months were so hard but know you are acquiring so many experiences that will be so valuable.. te amooo demasiadooo.. espero que mi ingles se entienda, como escribes en ingles comento igual para que la gente entienda jajaja espero que lo hagan. tu amiga Andreina