Around the globe.... Literally

Around the globe.... Literally

sábado, 29 de enero de 2011

A great londonian day...

An hour and a half walking through shopping streets, museums, historical buildings, Picadilly Circus and Buckingham Palace ended in no other place but Waterstones. What better place than a giant bookshop which design and organization is just alluring? (at least for a books lover like me). Afterwards, an attempt to read a 500 pages novel in three hours, requires some page skipping and fast, extremely focused reading, but it was accomplished. Then an ensalatta italiana in a basement restaurant, with a "nona" cake for dessert while reading Harry Potter (still refused to finish it completely). Then, a corny love story, or better to say musical in the theatre district (not so much about the story, definitely worth the music). And after, another hour and a half walking just because the city is lovely at night and after a while you stopped feeling the cold at all. This is what I call a londonian day, or at least from now on... :)

P.S: About the picture of me hitting my head in the pole, well is just a reenactment of a past experience my last time in London. I found the same pole!. Or as Olga said in facebook: problem solving skills 101.

viernes, 14 de enero de 2011

A second shot in London!

It is unbelievable still to think that I am in London. The certainty that I had of my love for this city has just been confirmed. I love this. Every building, sight, person, food, defect, controversy. I feel alive, inspired, challenged and strong in London. A desire of staying here forever have overwhelmed me a little. But I am ecstatic. I love to walk around and I am taking things slow, enjoying every second of it. Orientation has been long but productive and I am taking a contemporary theater class that has me extremely excited :). What better that spend my nights exploring theaters and studying plays in no other but Shakespeare's City. Hopefully, this time around I will keep up with this blog more often ;).