Around the globe.... Literally

Around the globe.... Literally

miércoles, 9 de junio de 2010

The delights of food...

I never completely realized the power of food in our lives. We spend a considerably amount of time thinking about it, making preparations for it (supermarket visits, city convenience trips at two in the morning, cravings, late night in the dining hall, and so many others). There was a time in my life where I didn't eat very well. Somehow, my levels of stress were correlated to eating, and if I was stressed I could not eat well. I learned how to manage that and now I am a food fanatic. In this trip, specifically I have paid special attention to the tastes, the dishes and everything else. Even in the picture is possible to see a simple dinner that we cooked one of these nights, when a warm cooked meal was imperative. It is just chicken breasts with a touch of garlic, mash potatoes and an avocado salad with olive oil and salt. It sounds extremely simple, but the feeling that I got from that dinner was amazing. Food introduces inspiration in our life, we can play with the tastes and the colors to have our senses explode every time we try something new. Fish and chips by the beach, a classical italian antipasto, a chicken noodle soup, a tuna salad, sushi, an arab plate with hummus, chicken and rice.... All these are just some of the dishes that has grown to be my favorites here in Sydney. With food, I feel I am beginning a new journey that has many roads to explore.

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